N26 for web

A bank account for your phone, now on the web

N26 for web is a completely new way to use your N26 account.

It’s packed full of many much-requested features, giving you better and more seamless control over your account, regardless of what device you’re on.

The full power of the N26 bank account.

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14 Reviews4.6/5
When are you guys coming to other countries like India?
Looks nice but where has the search functionality gone? I used to be able to search for transactions by name/date and that seems to have disappeared now!
@dinkydani21 Exactly that. Core feature just disappeared. Also statistics is simply gone. But hey .. some say it looks better now (which I actually don't think). UX fail IMHO.
Wow looks so good!

Missing Key features that were left out with the "redesign" are a reason to say Goodbye to N26.

Forcing usage onto mobile apps in order to have better usage insights likely being the reason for this mgmt decision and utter failure.


The only pro about this "redesign" is the possibility to make the $ disappear on screen. The rest is a joke.


Skipping core features like search, stats, etc. - how is that not an utter UX fail?