Musical Map of the World 2.0

Click a country or city to hear its music through Spotify

#4 Product of the DayDecember 07, 2016
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The team at Spotify made a map through which you can browse city playlists with music that's very particular to certain cities (or countries). Scroll around, click a city, and hear what's distinctive in that place.
@basgras I was wondering when Spotify would release something like this. I had this idea years ago for individual users instead of cities, because my wife likes when I have control of the music, but I'm either not in the same room as her or I want to use my headphones. We thought it'd be a great idea if she could just follow what I play and it would automatically play on her Spotify, no matter where we are. I actually thought about building it, but I figured they would release it and stomp on me. :-) Thanks for sharing!
@sbcallender Yeah, this is part of the reason why I also love TuneIn... Lets me browse the world and tune into random radio stations in sub-Saharan Africa, the Balkans or Peru... so cool :)
@sbcallender Same! Except it was this exact idea.
@sbcallender why doesn't she just listen to your playlists? Same thing, just not in real time
@markus_schuette I don't create playlists. I like to listen to full albums, and I just go album to album based on what comes to mind. But yeah, I don't think that's typical.
Wow, this is cool!
(RIP Gary Records)
This is awesome! cc @rrhoover
Very cool project. It's interesting to hear what's trending in other regions. Apparently Shakira is popular in Spain right now. Radiooooo is a similar app but for time traveling.