Go back in time & listen to hit song from around the world

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@sixside · Founder, Plug.dj
Great execution! Now I can finally hear what music was popular in Russia in the 50's.
Ryan Hoover
@rrhoover · Founder, Product Hunt
I love nostalgic music products like Sndtst and The Nostalgic Machine. My favorite feature of Radioooooo: "weird" mode.
Sandra Carden
@sandracarden · Technical editor
Ooooh, fun! I didn't see a "skip" feature (would like one). Select the country, decade, then Slow, Fast, Weird, or None, and enjoy! If you create an account, you can upload music (maybe share and like). I want to listen to this all day.
Craig Zingerline
@craigzingerline · Product, Growth, Entrepreneuer
Very cool idea
Vlad Nov
@mrvladnov · Co-founder @kickback
haha this is fantastic! nice change in pace from my usual music :·)