Mubert AI Music API

Royalty free music for your app & business

Any app developer or business can now use Mubert API to broadcast royalty free music! Mubert is an AI-based software generating music in real time, specifically for each user, location or any other business unit. And you can legally stream & save it worldwide.
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This is exciting for anyone who uses music in their projects. It could be content creators, TV show producers, even video game makers. Imagine a world where you can tweak, customize and create royalty-free music for anything with the use of AI. That's what Mubert is creating. It's a whole new world of music.
Hi, product hunters! My name is Alex, I am the founder & CEO at Mubert. We're super pumped to see what developers are going to build with Mubert AI music API. Whether you are creating the next social network, video editor, game or streaming service, Mubert will help you focus on the product while we take care of music. In the last year Mubert has generated tens of millions of hours of perfect AI music for more than 1 million users. We have also received hundreds of requests for our API and now are ready to provide it to any kind of app, platform, business and service. We offer a free 3-months trial for all Product Hunt community. Feel the form or just leave a comment here. Try it by yourself and share your experience with us!
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Hey @alexey_kochetkov we are going to build very big LED wall one mall in Russia and i have an idea to make smart music & video art generation space, can we collaborate with Mubert & You about ? Going to put a request for Guinness record as largest Ai powered space interactive
@antonboym lets do it, send me a message on
Awesome update 😍
This is Mind-Blowing technology. Good luck, guys.