smooth lists to structure your ideas into actionable steps 😎


Work with simple and beautiful designed lists to structure your thoughts, ideas and projects into actionable steps. momentum is a powerful web-application:

- loosely based on GTD (inbox, projects, someday, next-steps, review...)

- offline mode (PWA)

- automated next steps

- endless nesting of projects and tasks

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Stowe Boyd
Alexei Postnikov
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  • Stowe Boyd
    Stowe Boydfuturist, researcher, imperfectionist

    innovative and attractive UX


    The inner model is not well-explained anywhere

    I only spent 20 minutes or so. Might be helpful to have a working instance with logically related elements, like tasks associated with an active project, where user is guided through obvious use cases, like adding a task to the project, moving tasks from one project to another, adding subtasks, filling in metadata, etc.

    Stowe Boyd has used this product for one day.