smooth lists to structure your ideas into actionable steps 😎

Work with simple and beautiful designed lists to structure your thoughts, ideas and projects into actionable steps. momentum is a powerful web-application:

- loosely based on GTD (inbox, projects, someday, next-steps, review...)

- offline mode (PWA)

- automated next steps

- endless nesting of projects and tasks

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„WTF! an other Productivity-App?“ F🙊💥🔥 Yeaaaaa & Hi Hunters, momentum is a new approach, implementing a workflow to get things done. Designed to clear up time and space for your vision, goals, projects and very next steps to get there 💭...nothing new so far 💭. Build on latest technology like PWA, ServiceWorker and encryption to make it secure and available on every device 💭...getting better 💭 regardless of operating system or browser, whatever internet connection and independent of app stores - because YOUR productivity should not be tied to that 💭that's something.... I think I'll check that out💭😜. Give it a try and let us know your thoughts. Nik and Rob

I only spent 20 minutes or so. Might be helpful to have a working instance with logically related elements, like tasks associated with an active project, where user is guided through obvious use cases, like adding a task to the project, moving tasks from one project to another, adding subtasks, filling in metadata, etc.


innovative and attractive UX


The inner model is not well-explained anywhere

very hard to wrap my head around. seems like there is an unexplained method of getting things done behind this tool, which coupled with a science fiction sort of UX makes me feel like I am using a tool from 100 years in the future.
@stoweboyd Yes, momentum elevates several productivity methods including GTD & golden circles. We are planing on implementing even more. There is a little in-app-nerd providing support and workflow-hints (click on 🤔-emoji). And Yes, we are experimenting with some new UI-techniques for a more productive routine - getting used to it might take a little. Thanks for the feedback, stay productive Nik
@nikdeierlein Even after clicking on the smiley faces, something is still missing. Can I move things using the 'juncture' interface? The entire up/down left/right model is intriguing but it needs to be better explained.
@stoweboyd That's right, Items are moved between different lists via drag&drop. We will record more detailed tutorial-videos to supplement the workflow-hints 👍🙏.
Looks cool but I'd like an interactive demo first before making yet another account to test it out :)
I've used Momentum for about a year now. Before that, I used a range of other productivity and ToDo tools. I never managed to stick with one for long as there was always some integral aspect missing. There are two main features which I love about it: - I can access it from any device. It always looks and works the same. - There are no structural limitations. Therefore, I can use it to structure any professional and private project. It's true that the interface needs a little getting used to - but once you understand the underlying concept of the "iceberg", it becomes quite intuitive.