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The best place for Machine Learning jobs!.

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The best place to post your Artifical Intelligence jobs!.

This is for Machine learning engineers, Data scientists, Research scientists 👩‍💻

  • Pros: 

    Clean interface, Less Confusion, One type of job profile, Specific, Amazing designn


    None so far.

    The concept is really amazing I guess as you don't have to hover over different job portals if you are looking for a single kind of job to work in. I will even give full marks to the execution of the idea as it has all important elements to make life easy for the new visitors including the feature to chat if you have any issue. Kudos!

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  • Mubaris NK
    Mubaris NKFull Stack Developer

    One place to find all ML jobs. Makes life easier


    I don't see any

    Great place to find ML jobs.

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Vishnu Ks
Vishnu Ks@hackerkid
All the ML jobs in one place. Pretty useful if you are looking for an ML job.
Gautham Santhosh
Gautham SanthoshMaker@gauthamzzz · I don't have a spaceship
Hey PH, Being a huge fan of Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning (made Anna Assistant). I decided to make an ML job portal to list all the ML related jobs at a single place, so as to help enthusiast find jobs with greater ease. There are way TOO MANY job boards. But many of my friends are still unable to find a job related to Machine Learning. Why? They don’t have time to look at hundreds of portals for specific for Machine Learning. And the Machine Learning Jobs Portal there are too dispersed. Since I firmly believe AI and ML is the future, It should be easier to find. So I aggregated all the Jobs from all over the internet for that. If you have any reviews or suggestions please do comment.
Anupam Dagar
Anupam Dagar@siriusdagar · Full Stack Web Developer
I like the concept how one category of jobs are listed over in it. The interface is also easy to use.