It's time to get sexist with your digital s**t

'K, dudes. We love you đź’‹, but your style has had its chance. Now try ours. We built a digital platform to actually help folks get s**t done, our way. Where you can belong with people who like the stuff you like, and then get together and do things with them. Check it out. If you're not interested, tell your girlfriend/wife/mom: she will be.

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Hey, everyone - I'm here all day (try the veal!) - so please let me know if you have any questions. :)
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Hi ladies! I met you at WeWork. Question: I thought this was for women but the first example in the popup was a man named Dom organizing paddle tennis... but then it actually says "Lead Like a Woman" and Women's Networking Groups on the website...
@melissamonteee Hi, Melissa. Good question! MixR is designed from a female POV, but that doesn't mean we don't welcome men. It just means that the men who join have to like the idea of no hierarchy, collaboration, and cooperation - and all those other great things that make women's leadership powerful and valuable. We put Dom as the first example because 1) we actually have a real Dom who organizes Paddle Tennis on MixR (come by and meet him!), and 2) the PH community is largely men, so we wanted to make sure we captured their attention. When you set up a group on MixR, btw, you are able to control who can join. So if you want to set up or join female-only groups, you can do that. Thanks!
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