Microsoft Translator

Translates your text or speech into 50 different languages

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Eric Willis
Working on something new
Translate text, speech, documents, webpages, and even restaurant menus and street signs. Runs on Windows and also there are iOS and Android apps that translates your text or speech input into 50 different languages (runs on Apple Watch and Android Gear also).
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I guess the accuracy is a big aspect here; but it being an watch app is a no brainer: easy accessibility, whilst travelling, is key. I don't own an Apple / Android watch, but a lot of my friend do say that some apps are best suited for the watch than the phone. Perhaps this could be one of them?
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Ray Hernandez
Creative Director - Product Maker - Dad
You would think being Microsoft, there would be a nice little video showing off how awesome it is. I'll have to try it out with my mother in-law this week.
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