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Whattup @ProductHunt! Good to be back with ya'll for the launch of MERRY JANE. Passionate about this one! We’ll be bringin cannabis news, entertainment and pop culture for the world. Appreciate the luv, and I’ll be here thru out to check out the vibe.
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@snoopdogg Best presentation video ever. :)
@snoopdogg So awesome to see this on Product Hunt finally - the videos are so awesome. Snoop - tell us a bit about the story behind the birth of Merry Jane 😄
@snoopdogg love what you're doing for the community! Nothing better than seeing a new creator on PH especially when it's none other than Snoop :D
@snoopdogg how long do you think it will take for rest of the world after US to legalise cannabis growing,products and consumption? Also, thanks for bringing me joy with your music, much love <3
@bentossell we droppn more each week !! keep comn back to the site 2 get the latest n greatest. MJ has been 44 yrs n the makin u feel me ??
Yo, @snoopdogg! I caught your announcement of MERRY JANE at TC Disrupt with @jordancrook (video below). What article or video from the site are you most proud of so far?
P.S. Awesome to see you make a surprise appearance at Miguel's show in LA last month. cc @suzywillow P.P.S. Looking forward to your LIVE chat. 😊
@rrhoover is there a date and time set for @snoopdogg's live chat yet?
@rrhoover this piece that covers how cannabis can benefit people in our community - this one highlights veterans and medical use
So excited! It was an awesome presentation at TCDisrupt this year: Fashion has Vogue, Sports has ESPN, Music has Rolling Stone, and now Marijuana has Merry Jane. Sorry High Times, but as @snoopdogg says "If the ride is more fly, then you must buy."
@ianthekid preach !!
Snoop! What's the biggest misconception tech people have about the cannabis industry?
@eriktorenberg how green it really is in silicon valley
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The site looks great and I think this is right on time with the change in legislation and the waves of public support. I applaud the restraint in the branding and wonder if you can share more about this. It seems like one of the strongest pieces of this project is the presentation of cannabis instead of the promotion of weed. Any thoughts you can share on how the branding and words being used are as important as the content in 2015?
@jmacias MERRY JANE is about bringn cannabis lifestyle to the masses and showing who really uses it - mothers, aunties, fathers, drs, lawyers - this is a place for all of us to get the latest in the cannabis world. CANNABIS. CULTURE. FOR ALL.