Instantly find websites again - but without organising them.

A free, open-source bookmarking extension that works like your brain.

Instantly find any website you saw in the past.

Search with any word you remember from the text, or filter by time, domain, tags and bookmarks.

No more time consuming bookmarking folders/docs, re-googling or zillion open tabs.

No Signup. Full Privacy. Own your Data.

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Oliver Sauter
Oliver SauterMaker@oliversauter · Founder at
Hey ProductHunt Crowd, We are the team behind the Memex ( The reasons for building Memex came from our own frustration when organising and recovering websites. (+ to make our long-term vision possible; Today you have to create complicated bookmarking/archiving/notes structures, send links to your own inbox, create lists of links in text files or endlessly scroll through your facebook feed to find "that one" article again. But sometimes its also just that tab you closed 10 minutes ago. That all is super time consuming and at times pretty annoying, because none of these solutions 'really' work. Our brain remembers things we can't search for, like words from the text, the time we visited the page, its domain or the tags we gave it. Or all of these things in combination. So our goal is to make finding content again as effortless as remembering it. We are still in Beta, there are things that need improvements, but the tool is ready to be used without breaking changes to be expected. We are looking forward to welcome you as users of our tool and hope we can decrease your time to recover content by at least 10X. For any suggestions for improvements or bugs, drop by in our community board: Cheers and onwards to infinity :) - Oli
BenPro@heliostatic · Product @ Input
@oliversauter Love a good Vannevar Bush inspired project. Besides being open source (which is huge), how is Memex different from Fetching (
Oliver Sauter
Oliver SauterMaker@oliversauter · Founder at
@heliostatic Hey Ben, functionality-wise until now not much difference. Open-Source and that you own your data are the big ones right now, as you already mentioned. We are under active development, which doesn't seem to be the case for Fetching. In the coming weeks we are going to add some really nice features that will set us apart, like comments (still same), annotations, and the ability to create and share links to paragraphs/words of the content, instead of the whole article. Our goal is to make not only finding, but sharing of valuable content effortless. That is why we gradually add more such abilities, like sharing of collections. I think it's worth looking into our vision to understand where we are heading: I hope you enjoy using Memex and let me know, if you ever have more questions. Happy to help! :) Cheers Oli
Oliver Sauter
Oliver SauterMaker@oliversauter · Founder at
@heliostatic oh and another one: Memex is free forever, compared to :)
Tucker Wash
Tucker Wash@ducktuckgo · Software Developer @ Mobelux
@oliversauter Was this a response to @patrickc 's RFS ? 😜
Oliver Sauter
Oliver SauterMaker@oliversauter · Founder at
@patrickc @ducktuckgo hehe :) In a way, yes, we built that low-hanging fruit :) We were already building it before his post though. Stumbled over it recently as well and responded to it:
Vlad Kors ✌️
Vlad Kors ✌️@vladislavkors · Bubblehunt - Google for your information
Cool idea! Good luck you guys! 😃
Oliver Sauter
Oliver SauterMaker@oliversauter · Founder at
@vladislavkors Thanks a lot Vlad :) I wish you the same for BubbleHunt!
Nader@nadeburg · MD & Traveler
I hope you have all the motivation and luck to keep up with your vision. I will stay around your app. Simplicity and Longevity is what I wish for! Good Luck!
Oliver Sauter
Oliver SauterMaker@oliversauter · Founder at
@nadeburg Thanks for your warm support Nader. I promise we will do the best we can to get there :)
Irfan Arif
Irfan Arif@vahen · Product Manager @ MHR
In Indonesian lingo, the name of this product means vagina
Oliver Sauter
Oliver SauterMaker@oliversauter · Founder at
@vahen Haha, that would be hilarious :) Just looked it up, slightly different, luckily. "MemeK" is vagina.
Satyajeet@iamdeveloper · iWonder
No Safari extension :(