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The community submitted 42 reviews to tell us what they like about Heyday, what Heyday can do better, and more.
What do you think about Heyday?
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42 Reviews
Gezim Hoxha
Founder, CommerceOwl
19 reviews
I used Heyday for months. The team doesn't seem to care about product feedback and the search interface has stagnated and extension has become more annoying (highlighting keywords). I love the idea behind it, though.

Packy McCormick
Not Boring
28 reviews
Review of Heyday
As someone with a sloppy brain who spends a lot of time on the internet, Heyday's ability to organize everything for me is a life-saver.

Shaun Nestor
A strategic advisor to passionate people
9 reviews
Review of Heyday
Heyday is the product I wish I could have created. I have long-sought a tool to effeciently capture the various topics I am researching. Other note-taking tools require a lot of effort (tags, manually adding notes or clips, copy-pasting URLs, etc). Heyday just works. It passively collects and organizes the topics I am researching so I can quickly go back and find what I need, when I need it. I highly recommend it for anyone who has 100+ browser tabs open, is drowning in sticky notes (digital or otherwise), or needs to keep track of research information over time.

Learner in chief
3 reviews
Review of Heyday
Been using it for a while, it has become my default choice instead of the browser bookmarks. It is almost magical to see it work! :)
Sam DeBrule
glad you find it magical Amit!!!
Samiur Rahman
Glad you're enjoying it Amit!

🔥Cracking code & growing greens!🌱
1 review
Heyday is your personal AI copilot which learns from your interactions. Unlike ChatGPT, it builds a knowledge base from your emails and documents for tailored assistance. With the Secure Zoom App, it takes notes effortlessly during calls and enhances workflow with smart suggestions and client insights right in your calendar. 🤙🏻

anna khomaziuk

Design at Eleken.

1,138 reviews
I love it! great product! 5/5 stars 🚀

Vladimir Babić
UI/UX Designer
10 reviews
Heyday has been a lifesaver. It automatically saves everything I browse and brings up relevant information right when I need it.

Erich Nussbaumer
Leadership Coach, former Product Leader
1 review
Great product! It's a fantastic support to coaching conversations both to remember what was said during the call and to prepare for the next conversation. I love that they ship things fast and am excited to try out their new personal AI assistant.

Jon Tristan Alsup
Product innovation thrills me!
1 review
HeyDay is just getting started! They have created the foundation of a great product. I can't wait to see where this goes. It's easy to implement in the workflows we currently have and allows us to find information quickly when looking for it throughout a crazy day.

Austyn Stein
4 reviews
I'm liking it so far! The tutorial is very straightforward and easy to understand