Meet In The Middle

Share a link & meet your friends midway

#4 Product of the DayDecember 13, 2018

Stop wasting time on searching for places to meet. Just share a link with your friends and let them add their location.

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This could be a useful feature within Messenger or Google Maps itself.
@rrhoover Exactly ;) Could have been so much better .
This is a great idea! Congrats, I look forward to seing it develop further.
@naeem_amarsy Thanks!. Here's the future plan ;)
@inishchith thanks for the info. Would it be possible to get regular updates on this? Would also be keen to help out if you need support down the line.
@naeem_amarsy In case you have a Github account you can click on `Watch` option and you'll have every change that's being push onto the product, notified to you via email. In case there's a better way, i'll keep you updated ;)
Fantastic idea. Giving it a try.
@yungrollneck Thanks!. Let me know what you think ;)
Hello, PH world. πŸ™‚ Meet In The Middle is just a fun idea on which i've been working for last couple of days. The WebApp suggests places to hangout which is closer to every friend of yours on the map!. β€’ Basically exploiting the features provided by Google Maps API along with the concept of InterWeb [ PubNub helped me here :P ] β€’ All your friends share the same view as yours Find more about the implementation : Thanks!
I love this idea! Since Seattle Downtown isn't very wide we always have this problem when we walk towards each other to meet up πŸ˜›
@zelena Thanks ;)