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A website that plans multi-destination trips in a few clicks

#3 Product of the WeekDecember 06, 2018

A website that plans multi-destination trips in a few clicks

Our algorithms for multi-city itineraries and AI-powered backend help save time, money and energy by comparing top travel opportunities to show the perfect trip at the cheapest price.

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Friends, this day is here! With great great joy we want to share with you our work, we have been creating for quite a long time! What we have done, we can already call the version 1.0, yes, it happened! So, what have we done? We totally reviewed the approach to planning of the multi-destination trips and built it backwards: very fast, in one click we give you the ideas of traveling, and then you can edit the trip in your image. What is our difference from others? - time, we just do it in one click, in 20 seconds you already have a trip around Europe; - trains, planes and ferries in one ticket: we are not familiar with the automatic system yet, which knows how to combine many means of transport and sell one super-ticket in a single payment. Just imagine, what opportunities you have while traveling by train: you arrive and depart in/from the city center; - we excluded inconvenient airports: we just excluded Paris Beauvais, Oslo Torp, Oslo Rygge, Brussels Charleroi, and the airport of Girona is not the airport of Barcelona for us, the airport of Girona is the airport of the city of Girona, and there are a bunch of amazing places in Girona; - we removed early and late flights it is highly important for us that a traveler is able to take a rest when traveling. And we constantly continue working in this direction, wondering how to make journeys even more comfortable; - we removed flights with connections. In our view, connections are the primary reasons of the occurrence of non-standard situations: loss of luggage, missing the flights, tiredness. What are the new features? In fact, what are the features? - it is possible to click on the search right away, without choosing the settings, and already in 20 seconds you will get some first magic; - it is possible to build a trip not only around (from point A to point A, exploring this or that region), but also from point A to point B, along the way. Just uncheck Round Trip and choose the point of arrival; - it is possible to choose up to 2 "must have" cities in a tour. For example, you desire to travel around Europe, from Paris and come back to Paris, but please, let’s visit Rome and Portu - great, we answer)! Soon enough it will be possible to set and 3 and 4 cities, and with the dates. Just uncheck "Anywhere" and choose two cities. By default, we added Rome, just because it is one of the most magnificent cities in the world; - to edit the tours. When you got the tour, you can press any city on the map and substitute it with any other of the suggested tour. For instance, you received the tour Paris - Milan - Nice - Lyons - Paris, you can substitute Nice with Barcelona and get the tour Paris - Milan - Barcelona - Lyons - Paris. You are required to be authenticated to use this function. - the price you can see in the bottom right corner is final, and it already includes all the additional taxes and fees. - check-in. Our system will make a check-in on its own and send you the boarding passes. - you can save the tours in your profile and choose later one of the saved. - purchase of the tour just in a single payment. We know, it could be better, and we are getting to that! We are confident, this is one more beginning of our journey, every day we add more perks. We are open to partnership, please, contact us by aleh@eightydays.me Thank you for your support, friends!
Hey, guys! A great start for us. 😃😃 By the way, you can use the promotional code PRODUCTHUNT and get 15$ discount for your trip. The promotional code is available until 1 February 2019 inclusive.
Wish this support U.S. (specifically San Francisco). Any plans for this, @zhigaranya and team?
@rrhoover yes, of course. We will add U.S. within 2 weeks. It is our next step to add travels in Asia and U.S.
@rrhoover @zhigaranya Awesome! Look forward to having the Asia-Pacific region in there. Amazing work. Keep it up and best of luck. :)
Hey guys, great project! 😄 It's hardly possible to plan a multi-city trip with the lowest tickets without your project. And making a booking with a couple of clicks — that's awesome!

Yeah, this is very cool. I used to do something like this by searching with a large radius from Matrix by ITA Software (which powers the backend of many flight search engines). Very, very cool to get it in a few clicks. Very cool too.


Fantastic. Used to have to do this manually with ITA, much slower and harder.


Sometimes UI is slightly unintuitive. It does work though.