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More examples of Slack becoming a platform (see @isaacrlien's collection of Slack Tools). Because it's integrated within our daily routine and the tools we use to communicate with one another, it has a big opportunity to disrupt (yes, I said it) many incumbents, including scheduling/calendar services, similar to what Facebook has done with Events.
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@rrhoover writing a blog post about building on slack today!
@rrhoover I think this is similar to what Facebook did with Games :) They bring silly flash games and make them enjoyable to play.
@shaanvp if you're interested in building things for Slack, we have a small community of devs brainstorming about such things over here: http://dev4slack.xoxco.com/
@esoelzer @shaanvp we're there too. You should check it out
@rrhoover absolutely, I think Slack is disrupting the 'office space'. Tools like Meekan turn Slack into an awesome customisable platform. Great job @mmariansky and @eyalyavor!
Hi Product Hunt! We really should stop micro-managing our calendars. Instead, calendars should be smart enough to be sent out to negotiate and arrange our meetings for us, equipped with two pieces of information: Your intent and urgency “Quick video chat with @jane and @ron sometime next week”, “Sales meeting ASAP” Your Availability ID Your prior engagements (actually, your calendar knows quite well about those), and your preferences: do you bunch your meetings as early as possible? Do you have a “no meetings” day? Is there someone you’re desperate to meet with, and will clear your agenda whenever he’s available? Now negotiate a new event When arranging a new meeting, we take your intent, and merge everyone’s availability IDs to come up with the optimal time for this specific group to come together. And if it breaks, and someone can’t show, we already have all the info to offer a “second best” reschedule option. Our Slack robot We found Slack to be an ideal environment for our scheduling engine. Invite our robot to join any of your groups, and just ask him to arrange meetings for everyone. When a meeting is booked, it immediately gets synced into your calendar. Try things like: - We want to have lunch next week - Can we have a quick video chat tomorrow (and instantly also get a room.co link) - Remind me to pick up the dry cleaning today at 6pm (and have that reminder synced into your calendar) And coming soon, stuff like: - How busy am I on Thursday? - Clear my entire afternoon tomorrow Thanks @rrhoover for the kind intro, and @jibly for the post! We welcome your feedback - Where should we improve? What else would you have our robot do?
@mmariansky, behind the scenes, is it human assisted?
@ronch We just train him. Out there, he works independently, 100% human-free
@mmariansky That is super cool. Organizing around a schedule is indeed more complicated than what it should be. We've already installed it on our Slack and are starting to test it out.
@thibautdavoult Thanks! I signed up for early access to Solid - maybe we have a collaboration opportunity?
whoops. didn't mean to post. super cool!
Big thank you to @Eyal for taking the time to help me with some connection issues I had. Excellent service.
@smayzes Cheers Shawn, happy to help :)
Already tried and worked great for my team. Good work!!