Medium 3.0

Next step of an exciting new phase and the Partners Program


Medium 3.0 is a place to read and write, now with a Partner Program so you can make money sharing your stories.

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Vinish Garg
Vasanth Kamath
João Vazao Vasques
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  • Vinish Garg
    Vinish GargCo-founder @mystippi @ContentHug

    Some of the best quality content, neatly structured, soothing to eye, and amazing branding


    I love everything about Medium, including the pace and direction of its growth

    Content serves for education, decision, and delight and Medium lives up to this one hundred percent. I love the findability, personalization, engagement opportunities, branding flexibility, and the brilliant "shout from the terrace" feeling when I write and read content.

  • Cole Kennedy
    Cole KennedyContent Strategist & Copywriter

    Beautiful branding, high-quality engineering, innovative product design


    Navel-gazing content, echo chamber effect, frequent pivots

    I've loved Medium since the beginning, and stuck with them through multiple strategic shifts. Personally, I'm disappointed that the 'platform for media companies' model didn't take off. I would've loved seeing more publishers like The Awl and their ilk producing world-class content, supported by the technical prowess of Medium. But alas, that didn't pan out. Still, I'm happy to subscribe and see my money going toward creators.

    Cole Kennedy has used this product for one year.
  • Cian O'Connor
    Cian O'ConnorDealer, Bank of Ireland

    Creation Tools



    Publishing platform is beautiful, easy to use, and free. Easily the best such platform out there.

    However the content is very weak and the curation is even worse. The form of writing needed to succeed on Medium os very poor writing and can be stressful to read. Platform rewards writing every day rather than substance in an article so baseless content is promoted.

    Cian O'Connor has used this product for one year.
  • Steve Dimmick
    Steve DimmickCo-Founder, doopoll

    Clean, simple, powerful. Everything we want doopoll to be.


    Not really. I love it!

    Would be great if Medium could auto suggest stock imagery based on the content you're writing.

  • Renzze Mistal
    Renzze MistalDigital Strategist & Tech enthusiast

    Feels cleaner, especially the homepage where I check interesting articles each day. Also like the clap feature.


    None for now

    Overall, still feels the same Medium I've liked since the beginning.

  • Nicolas Nemni
    Nicolas NemniSoftware Product Manager

    Great UI and UX for readers


    Poor UI, UX and monetization for writers

    Medium is a great way to publish stories, but not at all a monetization platform for content.

  • Stellar Data Recovery
    Stellar Data RecoveryWe Recover Data

    A perfect blogging platform


    None to mention

    A great medium to reach out larger audiences.

  • Adham Benhawy
    Adham BenhawySoftware Developer

    Clean UI, great content, wide audience


    Hardly any

    It's a great hub full of popular publications and freelance writers sharing their experiences, stories, and skills.

    Adham Benhawy has used this product for one year.