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Look! Another web based app. I even feel the pain when it takes 1-2 seconds before seeing actual screen. Please somebody bring old mac desktop experience back. Almost only app that left with native experience is Finder. Phewww
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@nucro having just built my first Electron app, it's hard to blame them. If you know web dev, it's crazy easy to build a solid app. For me, Electron was the difference between building a really good product in under a week and not building the app at all. (I.e. I simply don't have the time to learn to build native Mac and windows apps as a one man shop)
I've been using Paws for Trello since its first release. I'm glad to see Trello saw how good it really is and integrated them into the fold. Good work guys!
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One more web-based app. Electron wiping out the native application experience
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@lucas_romano_marquez_rizzi will need more RAM to use Trello Desktop :D

Paws for Trello was a great little app and while i am happy for it being able to be used by more people, it does suck a little for the people that paid for it originally.


Available to everyone


I paid for it in it's original form

Haha same here. I bought it around a month before trello bought it. Still worth it.
Thanks for your sacrifice Nathaniel. At least you get to say you're a trailblazer!