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Record what users do with your designs and sketches. Free!

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Murat Mutlu
Co-Founder, @marvelapp
Hey everyone, We've just realised a sick integration with the folks at Lookback that allows you to see EXACTLY what people do with your image based iOS prototypes, including taps, gestures and audio/video feedback using the mic and camera. If you work in design or UX you'll know that setting up user tests is a pain, whether you do it on-site or remotely. But now all you need to do is send testers a link to your prototype and BAM, you'll get awesome video results via Lookback, including a timeline showing where users are in your prototype. Making your prototypes in Marvel is as simple as drag and dropping some designs or sketches in, within minutes you can start recording feedback from users, clients and stakeholders! No coding required. It's really simple to setup, just head to Lookback and sign up for a free account, come back to Marvel click 'Share > User Test' on any iOS project then click 'Connect'. Oh, and it's free! Read more here
Maksim Petriv
Founder of Design Hunt
@mutlu82 Great work!
Katie McCannStartup Consultant / Advisor
This looks awesome. But personally, when running user tests, I find that one of the most time consuming pieces is actually recruiting users to participate (especially for an early-stage startup that doesn't have a user base to recruit from). is one of the only ones who truly solves this problem (by bringing pretty high-quality testers to the table). I don't like for other reasons, so would love to see others tackling the user recruitment side of things as part of a complete testing offering.
Dennis Meng
Co-founder, User Interviews
hey @katiemccann - funny you should mention that! my team and i are actually working on a solution to the user recruiting problem (tentatively called We've only been at it for ~2 weeks, so I'd love to learn more about the specific pain points that you have here. Are you free for a quick phone call sometime this week? I just DM'd you my contact info.
Pieter Walraven
Founder & Product @ Pie -
PP KorevaarProduct design @ Bundle
Interesting to see that both Marvel and InVision are using Lookback this way. I wonder what their angle is in this. I mean there's obviously some strong competition going on here. :) Anyway, great work guys!
Phil HutcheonFounder of DICE
Awesome new feature.
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