Marvel for Apple TV 2.0

Turn your designs into Apple TV prototypes



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Murat Mutlu — Co-Founder, Marvelapp
Hey everyone!

We've just launched a great update to our Apple TV app that allows you to create fully interactive prototypes for tvOS without needing to code.

Just upload your sketches and designs to or using our iOS app to start prototyping for the Apple TV.


Ps: I don't know how to change my poo face profile picture on PH
Andrew Allsop — Head of Growth, Formisimo
@mutlu82 Looking great, I love the design at Marvel. Besides the point but I miss InstaBAM.
Murat Mutlu — Co-Founder, Marvelapp
@andrewallsop Instabam was great fun!
Austin Beer — Interaction Designer
@mutlu82 hey!! So excited for this as we are constantly trying to prototype for TV.

How do you handle what is and isn't a selectable 'focus state'? How do you handle where the focus state goes when naving in a direction? How did you make those design choices?
Murat Mutlu — Co-Founder, Marvelapp
@kimchi4breakfst We use the 'lanes' layout which allows us to go to the closest focus state to the direction you are moving. We had to design around the limits of tvOS but it works well!
Braden Hamm — Designer / Founder
@mutlu82 Do you recommend selecting "Desktop / Web" for device when Creating tvOS app prototype?
Jeff Scott — Editor, Slide To Play
@bradenhamm @mutlu82 And this doesn't even seem to be a possibility in the app version? Would love to see a 1920x1080 sized TV option as well.
Murat Mutlu — Co-Founder, Marvelapp
@theappivore @bradenhamm Hey Jeff, you can't make TV prototypes on the iPhone app but you'll soon be able to on the iPad app
Jeff Scott — Editor, Slide To Play
@mutlu82 @bradenhamm Hmm. Wondering what the reason is for this. Since the phone is always with you and I never know when inspiration will hit, it would be nice to be able to make any prototype from any version. Also great to be able to show off prototypes from anywhere.
Danny Setiawan — Lead UX at The Economist, UX Coach
@mutlu82 this is awesome! Prototyping for TV experience with other tools have been painful.
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