Marvel for Apple TV 2.0

Turn your designs into Apple TV prototypes

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Hey everyone! We've just launched a great update to our Apple TV app that allows you to create fully interactive prototypes for tvOS without needing to code. Just upload your sketches and designs to or using our iOS app to start prototyping for the Apple TV. 🎉 Ps: I don't know how to change my poo face profile picture on PH
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@mutlu82 Looking great, I love the design at Marvel. Besides the point but I miss InstaBAM.
@andrewallsop Instabam was great fun!
@mutlu82 hey!! So excited for this as we are constantly trying to prototype for TV. How do you handle what is and isn't a selectable 'focus state'? How do you handle where the focus state goes when naving in a direction? How did you make those design choices?
@kimchi4breakfst We use the 'lanes' layout which allows us to go to the closest focus state to the direction you are moving. We had to design around the limits of tvOS but it works well!
@mutlu82 Do you recommend selecting "Desktop / Web" for device when Creating tvOS app prototype?