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Just to put this in perspective, I've used the "prototype from photos" features of this to end (or inspire!) many conversations in bars that started with "That should be an app!". Now (being the geeks that we are) whenever that famous line is dropped, someone will pull out Marvel and start snapping sketches on bar napkins. Sounds silly (and obviously its not the core value in the product) but I think it's a perfect example of how Marvel has totally democratised the app prototyping space. With a bit of cleaning up, anyone can give a full "experience" prototype to an agency to code up and make a reality, skipping out a lot of the code->fiddle->code->fiddle.... process that's normally done.
@liamgooding Hey Liam, thanks for the kind words! You hit the nail on the head, 'democratising' this space and enabling Makers to bring their ideas to life is one of our goals. I also like the ability to throw away ideas just as quickly as you can make them, it's great to be able to just start validating without spending ages in design or dev.
I love Marvel. You import a few files from Dropbox, and link them together with hotspots. Then you just send the link to someone. Because the images are from Dropbox, you can update the prototype in as long as it takes you to save your changes. There's also an iPhone app for scanning in papers, which is handy, and showing people iPhone app prototypes.
@lachlanjc Appreciate you suggesting us for this awesome list! Glad you like what we've built so far!
We are doing a startup weekend event in Ludhiana (India) in January. We will be doing bootcamps in many colleges and would love to tell students about it.