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Murat Mutluย โ€” Co-Founder, Marvelapp
Hi everyone,

We've just released a major update to Marvel with a fresh app, site and logo design + lots of reengineered bits (React.js ftw) and features.

This new framework will lay the foundation for a number of new features and services we'll be introducing very soon!

Haroonย โ€” Founder, Webs, Inc.
@mutlu82 Congrats on Marvel 2.0. Terrific product!
@martyย โ€” Director, Tens
@mutlu82 congrats Murat!
Guillaume Chabotย โ€” Sr. UX, Interaction Designer @lifeworks.
@mutlu82 Great update๐Ÿ‘Œand thanks for all the latest additions: layers, timer, sketch plugin...
Oliver Watersย โ€” Co-founder, d3i / Momento
@mutlu82 Congrats guys! Great job. Loving the new look and branding.
Sam Doshiย โ€” Co Founder @
@mutlu82 Sharing this with my team for sure
Dan Simonย โ€” COO of UsersReady
@mutlu82 Hey Murat- product is looking really great! Would love to cross promote your product and ours (if interested)? Ping me direct if interested.
Seanย โ€” Full Stack Dev
The web interface for creating interactions looks A LOT like Invision. Can you go through some of Marvel's differentiating features?
G. Lucas Roeย โ€” UX Designer, big ol nerdlet
@seanbolak The core feature set is extremely similar.

Marvel offers much more on their free tier than InVision does, so it's easier to get started and roll it into your workflow. I also greatly prefer the Sketch plugin from Marvel, it makes sending and updating artboards a breeze.

The way I look at it, InVision is more of a workflow ecosystem while Marvel is focused on the hotspotting tool
Anup Dhirwanย โ€”
@glucasroe @seanbolak InvisionApp Free plan also got the Export enables and that too without any watermark. Sketch integration is really cool though.
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