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⛵ Makers Up is currently the fastest growing news source in the indie maker community. Dubbed as a TechCrunch for makers, Makers Up keeps you up-to-date on your favorite makers, products & events 24/7.

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Hey Product Hunt, Zachary from the Makers Up team here, thanks for dropping by! ⛵ Makers Up was created just a bit over a month ago when I tweeted one GIF on a new Twitter account that said, “What are makers up to?”. Surprisingly enough, it attracted enough attention for me to go in-depth on why it did. In the past year or so, the indie makers community has been growing. There are boards like IndieHackers, Makerlog, and groups like, Maker’s Kitchen, but there isn’t a single news source out there. 🚀 Today, we’re finally launching Makers Up to everyone as the first news source for the indie maker community. News is currently sent via Twitter and email, but soon, we'll be live-streaming on too! Don't have Twitter, no worries - join us on Telegram for even longer-than-280-character live updates of just about everything! 🙌 We’d love to get some feedback on how we’ve been doing, and we hope you would find Makers Up useful. We’re happy to answer some questions too! P.S. Who doesn’t like free? Launch day subscribers rock - hop aboard today and you'll automatically be subscribed to the premium bundle for free when it launches!
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@zacharycsy nice work !!
@abadesi Thanks for the kind words, hope you'll find it useful too! 😺
@zacharycsy Really useful!!! So glad you tweeted that GIF 😄
@teddd Hahaha, same - I can't agree with you more! Thanks for the positive feedback too. 🙌
The moment I've been patiently waiting for. I've always been a huge public fan of Makers Up, and the insane potential its incredibly skilled team of people have. This is one big step to becoming the next TechCrunch. Keep it up team!
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@ftxrc Woaah, it's THE creator of Makerlog (haha, kidding!). Thanks so much for believing in us, Sergio - appreciate the support & positive feedback! 🤩

Well maintained and active page with maker and product updates daily


Short, summarized tweets about makers and products



Nice work guys! Looking forward to this 😃
Love all the maker news distribution Makers Up has been doing so far. One of my favorite twitter pages for makers :)
@dinuka_jayasuriya Thanks for the kind words, Dinuka - appreciate your support & the support of the Kitchen! 🙌