Zachary Will Sy

Zachary Will Sy



A 17 y/o who just ❤️ to innovate!

Maker’s goals
Earlier this year
  1. Create publicity materials for @makersup in preparation for launch!

    James Gallagher
    Julie Delanoy
  2. Promote Makers Philippines on various local social media groups

    Crystal Camarao
    Marife Villalon
    Marianne Clare Reyes
Last year
  1. Send out my first Ship message to ⛵ Makers Up's subscribers

    Lori Karikari
    Amrith Shanbhag
    James Gallagher
  2. Purchase domain for @makersup launch

    James Gallagher
  3. Find a pre-launch platform before launching on Product Hunt!

    Joshua Tabakhoff
    Julie Delanoy
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