Send your MailChimp newsletter to Facebook Messenger

⛴ Mailport allows you to deliver 🐵 MailChimp marketing campaigns via 📱 Facebook Messenger

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Can you elaborate a bit on why MailChimp <> Messenger makes sense and maybe why you decided not to start with Email <> Messenger or directly with broadcasting for Messenger (without Email)?
@__tosh sure! I have been working in the messaging/bots space for almost 3 years now and one of my main learnings is that while it's easy for consumers to adopt new channels (Messenger), most businesses struggle with it. Adopting a new channel for businesses usually means using new tools/products, having distributed customer data, maintaining those tools and data which results in more work and higher costs. The overall goal with MailPort is to connect many more mail based systems with Facebook Messenger. Tools, services and products based on email make up an enormous ecosystem, while tools for Messenger are quite limited. With MailPort, businesses should have the opportunity to dive into this ecosystem without the need to use separate tools, meaning they can continue using the tools they love and have all their contact/customer data in one place. MailChimp was my first choice because it's one of the most powerful email marketing and newsletter tools with which you can send beautiful, responsive emails - a necessity when opening these mails within Messenger.
Great to see more movement in the marketing automation space for Facebook Messenger. Helping marketers to deliver their already optimized campaigns from Mailchimp to their audience on Messenger makes a lot of sense. There are countless newsletters and updates that I'd rather have in Messenger than in my email inbox.
Thanks for hunting, @__tosh! Hey everyone 👋 I'm the creator of MailPort, a tool which connects your MailChimp mailing list to your Facebook Page. I made a short video where you can see it in action:, or you can try it directly with the official Facebook Page on Messenger: Happy to answer your questions!
Do you plan on integrating other email platforms such as Sendgrid?
@immanuelkapa Yes, definitely! I started with MailChimp because it's imo one of the most used (and best) tools for sending out newsletters. MailPort is still in beta, I want to collect some user feedback first before I move on to other platforms like sendgrid, activecampaign or even customer support systems like Zendesk, Intercom, ...
@3x14159265 That's great, it would also be nice to see a preview of the newsletter in the chat, to tease the user to click on the Open button :)
@immanuelkapa good point. considered :)

Used Mailport as a beta user for a month now, trying to convert our mail audience to Messaging, which allows for direct push notifications and insane conversion rates.


super easy integration, no brainer for users


would be nice to have sendgrid or other tools integrated with this

Love this idea! Can I include pictures/videos/send PDF with messages as well or how can I customise it?
@natalie_korotaeva basically yes. Messages (emails) can be customized via MailChimp and are the same mails you are sending out via email. HTML emails will be shown as a webview within Messenger, therefore pictures, videos or files can be embedded or linked. Plain text emails will be translated in several text messages, depending on the length of the text. Email attachments (outside of webviews) are currently not supported.