Mail to Self

An iOS extension to mail notes to yourself from any app

#4 Product of the WeekDecember 01, 2014

This is AMAZING. Saves me the effort and time from having to click Email, type in my email, and click Send.
@tzhongg Exactly! The fact that it's a first world problem doesn't mean it's not a problem :)
Another great use case for iOS extensions. This gets me thinking about ideas for the Product Hunt app. ;) Several people have named similar products for quickly emailing yourself/recording notes. Here are a few others: Slapshot by @thetylerhayes and Noto by @kane.
Many thanks @rrhoover ! Glad you enjoy the app.
Love this use of extensions!
Thanks @stevesi ! :)
I do this a lot: mail stuff to myself as a reminder. This extension saves me a few seconds. Would love to see some sort of Embedly integration so I can easily search and retrieve stuff.
@PieterPaul Thanks for adding the app :)
@PieterPaul Agreed, this is awesome. Mailing to myself is my main method of notes and reminders, this app kinda sorta in-a-way makes it acceptable :)
Glad you are enjoying the app @narekk ! Please do let us know if you have any feedback to make it even more kinda sorta acceptable :) Cheers!
I needed this, thank you :)
@bramk You're very much welcome! Do let us know if there's any way we could improve or if you have any feedback :)