Mail Blaze

Easily create beautiful email campaigns that achieve results

Mail Blaze is an email marketing company specializing in creating, sending and tracking email campaigns.

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Hello PH, There is no doubt that email marketing is one of the most effective ways of engaging in digital marketing. The benefits of this are in terms of cost, penetration and measurability. Email campaigns are very cost effective to send out and allow for detailed and exact tracking and analytics. Mail Blaze gives you the perfect platform to manage this invaluable marketing tool. Mail Blaze offer best of breed technology at the best prices. Mail Blaze offering includes the latest and greatest features to help you run beautiful campaigns that will grow your business.
A cool dinosaur. Perhaps he will attract a lot of customers :)
Congrats on the design! I really like it and was about to try it. But really you're not beating other platforms' prices (e.g. check MailerLite and Moosend) and your web copy is confusing. For example, while you don't seem to have automations, you're saying "Personalise and Automate" on this page . Do you have automations? Also, I don't like it that you're inviting the user (with pop up) to challenge your pricing, and if the find a better plan elsewhere you will match it. It means that you will end up having users paying different pricing depending on the research they have done. If you want to be the most affordable service on the market, it's fair to have competitive pricing from the beginning. Best of luck as you grow you platform.