Create, view & easily share funny short-form video parodies

MadLipz is a social entertainment app that allows users to easily express themselves through short-form video parodies. The videos created are called lipz and are limited to 15 seconds. The app has 40M users in over 100 countries, creating in 80+ languages!
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Thanks for posting @robjama. Hi everyone! I am Amir, the CEO & Co-Founder of MadLipz. Just a little more about MadLipz and why we are on Product Hunt today: My two co-founders and I are originally from Iran and we created MadLipz after seeing how popular funny Persian-dubbed videos were on YouTube. The app has been around since 2016, with social features added a year ago. It has grown by word-of-mouth, with virtually no marketing spend. And we're fortunate to have so many users around the world creating and sharing. Celebrities such as David Beckham and Snoop Dogg have even shared lipz on social media. We are a part of the current Techstars Toronto cohort and are announcing today that we integrated the Kin cryptocurrency as a reward mechanism in the app. This integration is the result of a partnership with The Kin Foundation that we signed late last year. Our users can now earn, gift and receive KIN in the app! We're definitely looking for more partnerships with brands, big and small. So founders, feel free to contact us about partnership opportunities! Download the app and check it out. After all, it is free πŸ˜ƒ. By the way, HERE is a funny lip and this lip is a relevant one about users reacting to the KIN integration. If you have any questions, ask away!

No other app makes it as easy to do a voiceover or subtitle a short video.


It is funny! They also have a large selection of curated videos just waiting for you to dub/sub onto them. Or you can upload your own.


A few UI improvements would make it even better!

This team is incredible. They are currently in Techstars Toronto and its so cool to be working with a startup that not only has a team of 8 passionate technical and business people but also has 40 million organic downloads of their app. Its like Reddit for Video - something I heard a mentor describe them as today. #Canada #Iran #Techstars #Toronto
Madlipz is a fun app that recently saw a new resurgence with their integration of the cryptocurrency Kin in order to reward content creators. It acts as one of the few polished mainstream examples of mass use cryptocurrency in a manner that is friendly, approachable and not based around a scammy ICO by the app. The Kin cryptocurrency is designed to provide fair and provable rewards to content creators across an ecosystem of apps. Originally made by the team behind the chat messenger Kik - Kin has been exploding on to the scene and dramatically changed the way that users participate in MadLipz, driving up engagement and bringing onboard new users.
MadLipz is a really funny and addictive app. Loving the Kin integration!
@leehuk87 Thanks. Glad you enjoy using it!