A curated directory of 200+ Mac menu bar apps

Your Mac menu bar is a highly customizable space. By adding a few extra applications you get an awful lot more from macOS. Yes, apps are little, but they play a big part in your workflow. Just dig around in this handpicked directory!
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The Mac menu bar is one of the defining characteristics of the Mac. Someone once called it ‘the north star’. 😎 It’s the best place to show little tidbits of information. But there is only so much room! In other words: you’re gonna have to choose. I mean; this handpicked directory already includes 200 sources in 20 categories. And they’re all real menu bar apps. (Although sometimes it’s difficult to decide whether an application is really a menu bar app or not. If a menu bar icon is solely a shortcut to opening some main app then I tend to ignore it. Do feel free to disagree. 😉) And please feel free to get in touch anytime or to submit new menu bar apps for inclusion. is a one-man operation. I curate and maintain everything on here. Not powered by AI. 🤗
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@luukkoelman Thank you, we're(One Switch) been selected.
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@creativewang Yep! And you're welcome :)
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@luukkoelman Great execution Luuk. Looks awesome with all the categories. Thank you for including EasyFinder( Did you use it? Would love to get your feedback on it.
@prashantbuddy Yes, I did! And it really works like a charm. :)
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This looks really promising. Great job!
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@bcye Thanks Bruce! It was a lot of work, but really fun to do. And the collection is still growing. :p
@eulerr Thanks Denis! Appreciate it!
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Great job @luukkoelman ! I love things like this as a way to find great new tools. Only thing I feel the site is missing is a "browse all" option...
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@realdeanward Hi Dean! A browse all option is really a good idea. Thanks you. :)
You should make these icons as .svgs, they'd probably show up a little sharper on the site. Other than that, I love this!
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@jack_conway That's a good suggestion, thank you Jack!