A curated directory of 200+ Mac menu bar apps

#1 Product of the DayApril 28, 2019
Your Mac menu bar is a highly customizable space. By adding a few extra applications you get an awful lot more from macOS. Yes, apps are little, but they play a big part in your workflow. Just dig around in this handpicked directory!
The Mac menu bar is one of the defining characteristics of the Mac. Someone once called it ‘the north star’. 😎 It’s the best place to show little tidbits of information. But there is only so much room! In other words: you’re gonna have to choose. I mean; this handpicked directory already includes 200 sources in 20 categories. And they’re all real menu bar apps. (Although sometimes it’s difficult to decide whether an application is really a menu bar app or not. If a menu bar icon is solely a shortcut to opening some main app then I tend to ignore it. Do feel free to disagree. 😉) And please feel free to get in touch anytime or to submit new menu bar apps for inclusion. is a one-man operation. I curate and maintain everything on here. Not powered by AI. 🤗
@luukkoelman Thank you, we're(One Switch) been selected.
@creativewang Yep! And you're welcome :)
@luukkoelman Great execution Luuk. Looks awesome with all the categories. Thank you for including EasyFinder( Did you use it? Would love to get your feedback on it.
@prashantbuddy Yes, I did! And it really works like a charm. :)
This looks really promising. Great job!
@bcye Thanks Bruce! It was a lot of work, but really fun to do. And the collection is still growing. :p
@eulerr Thanks Denis! Appreciate it!
Great job @luukkoelman ! I love things like this as a way to find great new tools. Only thing I feel the site is missing is a "browse all" option...
@realdeanward Hi Dean! A browse all option is really a good idea. Thanks you. :)
You should make these icons as .svgs, they'd probably show up a little sharper on the site. Other than that, I love this!
@jack_conway That's a good suggestion, thank you Jack!