Mac Pro

With groundbreaking Pro Display XDR

All-new, completely redesigned Mac Pro delivers maximum performance, expansion and configurability.
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All I see is a cheese grater. Also $999 for a stand?! Did you hear the horror in the crowd?
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@f_molina same, no more braun products to rip off
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So much hate. I'd love some creative professionals to voice their opinion. This machine is obviously built for power users. Hence the "pro" naming of it. Buy an iMac or a Macbook if you need a powerful machine for some coding, word editing or browsing.
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@jonnotie This. Even more so than power users, this is for high-end creative professionals it seems. Seems like so many are misunderstanding the target market for this, although it is also a shame there still isn't a proper (cheaper) Pro for power developers/designers.
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@iamsebj Pro users should not expect cheaper devices!

With my $187 Samsung Chrome 3 and servers in every cloud, Macs are no longer required for my efforts.




Desktops no longer make sense for 98% of users.

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For 98% of users? I'd beg to differ...
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Not being for everyone is not a valid 'Con.' The question is how well does it fulfill the niche it was designed for. Also, I'd take a 2% market share for computers any day.
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$999 for a stand why stop there
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@jonathangcohen Yes, Apple is competing with Rolls Royce!
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Beefy machine and predictably pricey at $5,999. Are you going to buy one?
Yes, ASAP!
I would if I could afford it
No way
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@rrhoover *Starting at $6k. 🌚 I'm sure the 1.5 TB of RAM is gonna set us back a bit more than that Still going to grab one though 😅
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