Lyrebird beta lets anyone create a digital copy of their voice with only one minute of audio.

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#fakenews is about to get a lot more scary. 😱 Looking forward to playing with this later today.
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@rrhoover you probably should't add your voice to the database!
@rrhoover there's a huge market for better voice to go with A.I. powered systems!
@rrhoover Combine with this project from UW, and it's going to get even faker. Video evidence might no longer be permissible in court, political ads could become even less trustworthy, actors' pay could drop dramatically...
It would be interesting to be able to plug in a book, and have it read to me by myself. :D
The setup process was fun, to begin with, but a little tedious after a while. Check out what Lyrebrid was able to generate from my voice here: Barely sounds like me apart from one or two words. Great start, can not wait to see how this improves! EDIT: For anyone interested, here is a recording of me saying the exact same words for comparison:

Instead of focusing on buiding products to help the Fake News era we should focus on how can we increase transparency and keep the truth alive instead of killign it


I don't feel happy about this product. It doesn't add any value and it helps the Fake news!


No Idea what is the added value of this product it doesn't sound cool at all

This tech is quite terrifying to me. Absolutely amazing work from a technical standpoint, but so much potential for it to be abused/used with malicious intent.