List of Problems

See how makers are solving real problems

See what problems other makers are solving and discuss solutions together.

Also a good place to find out who else is working on the same problem you are.

You can use the list to: - View solutions other makers are using to solve real problems - Find out if someone is already solving the problem you're working on - Discuss with users to see if you're solving a real problem
This looks great I will be sure to check it out!
@musebeta let me know how it can be better!
Way way way to much going on for your homepage. 3 column homepages are very confusing for initial users. If you absolutely need to have more than one column try condensing to ✌️, This page is great. I am wondering why you designed it this way and your homepage differently.
@dredurr Thanks Dre! We continue to try test different things and see what works/doesn't.
@dredurr I hope the list of problems is useful...but we'll take another look at simplifying some of our layout
Man, I love this! I have envisioned a platform called “Problem; Solutions” in which people collaborated on solutions to important problems. I'm excited to give SeedProof a shot 🤞
@pocketfreud hey thanks a lot! Shoot me an email or message anytime if you've got some suggestions
I like how you guys keep releasing separate interesting products to enhance seedproof!
@kennyth01 thanks for that! Trying to learn what's most valuable to people and releasing features has been a good way to do it