LinkedIn Voice Messaging

Communicate when you want, how you want

LinkedIn Voice Messaging lets you more easily and quickly communicate in your own voice with your connections, whether you’re responding while walking or multitasking, or need to give an in-depth explanation.

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Are there really people asking for voice mail from recruiters and random networkers? 🤨
Didn't see that coming. Would love to know the backstory behind this.
@rrhoover We wanted to make LI Messenger more useful and more modern -- and we saw members asking for this functionality. In Latin America and Asia, voice messaging is pretty broadly used and we wanted to make it easier for LI Messaging to fit into how people want to communicate.
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@rrhoover @zhendlin Thanks for this. I was super confused when I saw this had been launched, but now it makes sense. I hear that in the Asian markets, voice searches on Google are really popular, but here in the UK (and I think US too), they are barely used at all.
It's interesting to see the increased focus on new ways of messaging. On LinkedIn, conversations feel more professional, similar to email where text is expected. Voice feels much more casual (WhatsApp has had success implementing this in their chats), so I'll be interested to see if this takes off in a professional context.
Fascinating to see this launch, I see a lot of potential to build real relationships, with real people rather spamming each other to death.
I think this is a great move. Not only will it be more productive, but using a more personable method of communication could do a lot for business relationships.