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Smart of LinkedIn to create an app targeted toward younger audiences. @thekenyeung has a great overview of the app on VentureBeat. Note: it seems like the app may not be available in the App Store or Google Play quite yet. This probably wasn't supposed to be announced Sunday evening.
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@rrhoover @thekenyeung Timing also seems to be off since most students already have internships or full-time jobs lined up.
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@rrhoover Re: not supposed to be announced now vs. later: @thekenyeung's VB piece is well-researched with interviews with LinkedIn employees, so it's clear this piece has been in the works for a while—there's a press push behind this. If it wasn't supposed to be announced now, I'm guessing that's on VB and not LinkedIn. But I'm just looking in from the outside.
@thetylerhayes @rrhoover LinkedIn has informed me that it has pulled the apps and will relaunch them at 6am PT on Monday.
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@rrhoover @thekenyeung I've had this app for a little over a month. It's a good idea but doesn't provide much utility.
@thetylerhayes @rrhoover @thekenyeung actually, that is a LinkedIn mess up -- they put up not only the app's website on Sunday but the actual app in the Play store briefly "for testing" and it was flagged by diligent Android bloggers. No, it's not on VB as you're choosing to assume for whatever reason...
It's good to see LinkedIn finally creating something useful for students. Most of us have started to lose faith in it. Unfortunately it's becoming more of a place for recruiters to spam us with terrible job offers than a place to find real quality jobs.
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@jtehlert It's not just students who have to deal with that lovely issue . . .
@jtehlert Check out WayUp :)
@jtehlert Agree. It only looks at our past, not where we want to go in future.
Wow, really cool! Wish I had something like this going through undergrad. Edit: Not available in Canada...boo!
@shubham There are plans to expand this internationally later this year.
Seems useful. I think all 9th graders should open a LinkedIn account and start to use it to track internships, build connections, etc, all through high school. Ali Afridi: "Most students already have internships or full-time jobs lined up" - I know lots and lots of students who don't...
As someone fixing to graduate from high school, I love this idea.
@rbdgswg Glad to hear! PS: Love the 4-H Picture Frame! 🙌
@rbdgswg have you taken a career assessment? Plan to go to college? Which major? Contact me if any questions. I went to Lehigh for business and engineering.