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Great to see this on Product Hunt! We've been furiously working on this app for the last few months. To help improve how we can let employees find, learn about and contact other coworkers. Would love to hear what you think!
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Not sure if you’re thinking about this, but the market for company intranets/directories is *sorely* lacking. It’s especially difficult if you’re a rapidly growing startup with remote employees and you need a place to access anyone’s information without having to have your engineering team spend precious time building one out from scratch. If that’s the direction you’re thinking of heading in, I’m on board.
@amelielamont Thats a big usecase that the app can serve quite well. Try it out for your company and please let me know if you have any feedback!
We are thrilled to introduce LinkedIn Lookup! We found that corporate directories are outdated (and not mobile!)... and wanted help LinkedIn members to be more successful by building an easy way for our members to find, learn about, and contact coworkers in a very intuitive way. You can search by name, title, skills to find the right coworkers you need, and message them for free (i.e., no InMail credits or Premium subscription required!). Please check it out and let us know how you think!
This would have been great when I was at LexisNexis - it was hard to keep straight what everyone did, and the company Active Directory description was notoriously out of date
@afhill thanks for trying, and please let us know your feedback!
New app by LinkedIn helps you find co-workers and learn about what they're working on so that you can connect. They also have an Android app that's coming out soon. @aahntastic should be in here a bit later to tell you more about it.
@erictwillis thanks for finding our app!