LinkedIn Live

LinkedIn's new video streaming service, available in US 🇺🇸

LinkedIn Live is a program designed for small-business leaders and local professionals to share their insights on using LinkedIn to drive real business results.

Hey Guys, it's only available in the US at the moment, so users are getting redirected, I added a second link where it explains it here:
Finally! A way to spend all these empty hours during my day while also making it look like I'm on the job and networking!
It’s unbelievable that a company will spend millions on resources to build such a useless feature, instead of improving what they already have - which sucks in many aspects, by the way.
@munipandita Exactly what I was thinking
@munipandita absolutly! I hate using LinkedIn because of the incredibly shitty UI. You never find anything you are looking for, unless you are willing to spend hours to fight through all the ads and shit..
Just getting redirected to
@vladimirkusnezo Here as well. (Bulgaria)