Linguician is the best way to learn languages through music and lyrics. Use our amazing language immersion software to learn Spanish around songs from Enrique Iglesias and others!

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Hello Product Hunt Community! I just woke up after a couple of baby earthquakes last night here in Santiago and found out we are hunted on Product Hunt! What a surprise! So let’s do that now! Linguician was started around a year and 4 months ago by my co-founder Alex and myself. Our mission is to change the way educational software is build – from 40% gamification at Duolingo we want to move to 80% gamification at Linguician. In our view learning anything should no longer feel like pain but like quality time. If you want to read more about our mission – I wrote a blog about this: So let’s quickly introduce Linguician then: Linguician is a platform that uses music streaming (currently YouTube, maybe a different Streaming Service in the future) and licensed lyrics (by LyricFind) as language learning content. The user can learn new words while playing with a commercial/popular song. We are collecting data about user input and in the near future we want to use Machine Learning Algorithms to adjust the difficulty to the level of the user. That’s about it. – So since we are already here at Product Hunt please let us know what you think about it! We appreciate any comment and review of our platform!
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@robert_eiter @eiterrobert I love the songs you selected for learning German . How do you pick them? Do you have native speakers for all languages? Great job guys! Let me know if you need any help from a fellow Austrian with solid growth-hacking skills in Silicon Valley
@e_reder we are mostly using the spotify API for choosing songs. the API comes with a wide range of parameters and we focus on speed and popularity inter alia. by now with all the intelligence we have on that we could tomorrow also launch an automated DJ bot ;) - we plan to use Machine Learning in the near future to adjust the songs displayed to the music preferences of the user - whenever we see there is demand for a language combination we increase the available number of songs on our platform - here also we work with a bunch of APIs but have manual freelance translators working for us - since currently no API would be good enough to deliver high quality (although this may change in the next few years - compare it to self driving cars, at one moment the code will be cracked). The freelancers are based around the world and always translate into their native language. thanks a lot for offering your help - that is of course always very much appreciated. feel free to reach out to me at any time:
I learned so much Spanish from singing along to Manu Chao, this is a super good idea!
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@tine_schaer_popp 👍 I gotta give this a try..
Awesome idea! 🎵 Happen to have met the makers once! Great team from Austria! ⛰
@jannikscript A team from Austria, refreshing ...
Excellent initiative, you may consider expanding the app to kids too. Missing the French option, especially to learn English.
I love seeing creative ideas that make language learning more accessible. I'll definitely be trying this out 🎧