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Hey Hunters, This is Jinu, the CEO of LINER. Pocket is an amazing service, we use Pocket everyday to save articles to read-it-later. However, I find that the reason I save articles is to re-read that one sentence. I save a long-form essay, then frantically scroll the essay to find my phrase. Save your favorite articles with Pocket, then save your favorite sentences with LINER. LINER for Pocket helps you highlight and save your favorite sentences from Pocket for FREE! Simply login to LINER, connect to Pocket, and start highlighting. Happy Highlighting~ Jinu from LINER (CEO) P.S. Feel free to ask us any questions about LINER in the comment section below, We don't eat, sleep, or blink so your questions will be answered in 5, 4, 3, 2, 1...
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@jinukim21 It's great that all your product are replied in 5 seconds. Almost too good...
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@jiyoungpark922 @jinukim21 It's almost as if their a bunch of robots working together in a startup.
@seffa121 @jinukim21 Feel free to ask us any questions about LINER :)
@seffa121 @jinukim21 Feel free to ask us any questions about LINER and the Pocket integration.
I primarily use Pocket for reading my articles. As I'm a readaholic and only read clean text. It's great that I can finally highlight my Pocket articles.
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@mynhpark Personally I use Instapaper. But I'll give Pocket a try
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@jiyoungpark922 @mynhpark Yes, this is why I left Pocket honestly. Instapaper's highlight/takes and export to Evernote is so so so so smooth and necessary. Not to mention they have a better catalog of typefaces to read with. Try it and see how you like it but you're already using the better service for highlighting/note-taking, IMO.
I sometimes drag my mouse along Pocket articles, to mimic highlighting online.
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@mynhpark I used to use a highlighter pen, now I think I might use LINER
You can also import Instapaper articles, alongside Pocket articles
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@mynhpark What services are you planning on integrating in the future?
Finally... LINER meets Pocket! This is one of the best collaborations in a tech scene.
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@wcm0505 It would be interesting to see a collaboration with Pocket and LINER.