Lilu Massage Bra

The first pumping bra that helps moms get 30% more milk

Lilu builds technology to empower new moms. The Lilu Massage Bra is the first hands-free pumping bra with automated massage technology to help moms pump more milk, in less time. The bra is easy to wear, comfortable and compatible with standard breast pumps.
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Thank you for hunting our product, @katmanalac Hi Product Hunt! We’re the makers of the Lilu Massage Bra and we’re super excited to share with you that we are live on Kickstarter! We embarked on this journey to build technology make life easier for moms about 3 years ago. We met in a robotics class at the University of Pennsylvania where we were lab partners. Our passion for empowering women & moms prompted us to join forces to create the Lilu Massage Bra. We spent hundreds of hours in surveying and interviewing moms to understand their problems with breast pumping. We were gutted to discover that over 60% of moms today are not able to pump enough milk to feed their babies. In trying to find a solution, we found that to battle the shortcomings of their pumps, 2/3rd of moms used breast massage while pumping. This wasn’t just anecdotal, studies at Stanford Children’s Hospital showed that using breast compression and massage while pumping can increase milk supply over time. That is why we used research insights from soft robotics to develop the ultimate pumping bra that will provide moms with the proven benefits of breast massage hands free and hassle free. The bra mimics the breast massage motions recommended by lactation experts to stimulate milk flow. It’s easy to wear, comfortable, adjustable and compatible with the standard breast pumps in the market. We have tested the bra with over 130 moms and have seen overwhelming results. With Lilu, moms are pumping 30% more milk per session,on average, than with their breast pumps alone. And the benefits go well beyond just increase in milk supply. We’re constantly flooded with pictures and messages from moms and influencers who tell us that they are finally able to give their hands the much needed rest and do other things while pumping, like using their phones or laptop or even playing with their babies! We’ve already set up manufacturing and lined up supply chain to start shipping our first batch of the Lilu Massage Bra in May! As fast as technology moves, advancement in postnatal tech has been lacking. We want to change that because we believe moms deserve more. The Lilu Massage Bra is just the beginning...
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Just showed this to my mom and she says she wishes this existed when she was nursing! This is going to be a gamechanger. Good luck! :)
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@kaveri_chugh Thank you so much! There really has been such little innovation in the maternity tech space for so long! We are determined to change that.
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This is so cool! Does this work with the medela pump? My friend is expecting and this would make the perfect gift!
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@simran_bhui Hey! Thank you for your support! Yes, the Lilu Massage Bra is compatible with the Medela pumps. It works with the following pumps: Spectra S1 and S2™ Medela Pump in Style, Freestyle, Swing, Sonata™ Lasinoh™, Ameda™, Avent™, Baby Buddha™ - basically any pump with standard flanges. We are currently taking pre-orders on Kickstarter ( and will start shipping the first units to our Kickstarter customers in May 2019! So please do consider getting one for your future mama friends:)
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This is gonna make it so much easier for all the moms out there!
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In an industry of outdated technology, the Lilu Massage Bra brings innovation to breast pumping.


It helps moms get more milk, and get time back to multitask.


Keep innovating and building new products. Add heat technology to the bra.

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