LightBox is a 2D, Hand-Drawn animation package. It helps, but you don't have to be able to draw to develop a great sense of animation timing. Here's a dead easy way to experiment with animation timing & spacing in LightBox...

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This gives me flashbacks to my days playing around with Flash. I once made a Conan O'Brien fan site entirely in Flash. It was terrible/awesome. I played around with the Lightbox beta and my favorite part is the simplicity. Unlike Flash and other design tools, this tool focused on making it easy to create and being OK with imperfection.
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@rrhoover haha ActionScript 2.0, I remember the same ;) Otherwise, I would love to be able to import vectors from Illustrator or another vector software. That would be awesome to make simple tutorials/ explanations.
@rrhoover Wohhoo Ryan Hovver I love you for making this amazing community of product hunt.
Awesome! Do you plan on porting this to iPad? I know a lot of people that will looove this
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Cool product! I've always felt many animation tools are a bit bloated. This seems like a nice change of pace.