Cross-platform mobile screen sharing 🤯

lightbeam is a screen sharing focused mobile messenger. Product teams leverage lightbeam to test new apps/features as a group. Busy professionals plan group itineraries and get real-time opinions on Tinder matches, Amazon orders, and everything in between.
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  • Dan Fergusson
    Dan FergussonHead of Sales at Helpful

    Cool approach to cross platform collaboration within different apps. The api will make an impact on adoption.



    Great team

    Dan Fergusson has used this product for one month.
  • Pros: 

    That I can see me and my friend in one screen and tap it


    I think it would be better if I will tap another screen . Because now I need to tap myself if I want to tap my friend

    Nice app

    Lena Vaintraub has used this product for one month.
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Kevin Gondo
Kevin GondoMaker@kevingondo · Co-Founder, lightbeam
Hi Product Hunt! 👋 I'm Kevin, one of the co-founders of lightbeam, alongside @carterw, @billym and @paul_steenkiste. We are thrilled to announce the launch of lightbeam, a mobile collaboration platform. We conceived the idea for lightbeam while booking our itineraries for a trip to India last year. After countless links and screenshots were exchanged in our group chat, we decided there needed to be a better, more efficient way to collaborate on mobile - so we built it. Our most productive conversations occur when everyone is on the same page. We love using lightbeam to test and review new product features as a group in real-time, even when team members are traveling or working remotely. We hope lightbeam can be a tool that helps your team become more productive in new ways. With lightbeam, we’re reimagining the way people interact on mobile and giving those interactions more depth with a new layer of social engagement designed to drive collaboration. Last but not least, a very special thanks to all the beta testers and early adopters of lightbeam! 🤘 Feel free to leave any thoughts and ask us anything!
Mauro Sicard
Mauro Sicard@maurosicard ·
Awesome! Was one of the lucky ones to be a beta tester of Lightbeam and it is really great. I do screen sharing on Desktop all the time, and being able to do it on Mobile too is great., tt allows me to quickly collaborate with my teammates. Highly recommended!
Kevin Gondo
Kevin GondoMaker@kevingondo · Co-Founder, lightbeam
@maurosicard Thank you so much! Let us know if there is any way we can improve the experience for you. Will keep working hard to make this an enjoyable and useful product for you!
Billy M
Billy MMaker@billym · lightbeam
Thanks for all love product hunt! Our hope is that lightbeam can relieve some of the unnecessary back-and-forth that we all deal with in our text and email exchanges. Let's streamline our communication by making decisions in real-time together and get back to doing the things we love instead of waiting for responses!
Dmytro Malashenko
Dmytro Malashenko@dmytromalashenko
Awesome app! I use it on a weekly basis with my brother, we are watching Youtube together. An amazing experience and just on you phone! The best cross-platform screen sharing app in the app store!!!
Kevin Gondo
Kevin GondoMaker@kevingondo · Co-Founder, lightbeam
@dmytromalashenko So glad to hear you and your brother enjoy the product!
Paul Steenkiste
Paul SteenkisteMaker@paul_steenkiste · CTO at lightbeam
We worked hard to build this product, and are very happy with it! There is always room for growth, however, so we will keep our noses to the grindstone to make the user experience even better. We want to be very available for our users, so just reach out if you have any questions, issues, or feature requests! :)