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What do people think of Bubbles?

The community submitted 131 reviews to tell us what they like about Bubbles, what Bubbles can do better, and more.
What do you think about Bubbles?
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131 Reviews
Prathmesh Garg
Entrepreneur & Designer | 2x YCombinator
3 reviews
Have been using Bubbles from Day 1. It enabled my entire team to be more productive by enabling better async collaboration internally as well as with external teams. We also use it extensively for design reviews & UAT. Excited for this next phase of Bubbles and the supercool features Tom has enabled for us. Lightspeed ⚡️

Sarah L
Sarah L
Product Designer in Asheville, NC
2 reviews
The new Teams feature is helping tremendously with a fast moving, critical project my team is working on. Our team has people in different time zones and with Bubbles I can share my Figma designs and everyone can participate in the conversation by commenting on the video itself and see the replies. Since introducing it to my team, several people have frequently asked me "can I get a Bubble for this?" It's intuitive and very beautiful visually, which I appreciate as a designer!

Steven 👾
Helping people work smarter, not harder.
32 reviews
Bubbles is a fantastic tool for using screen recordings and screenshots to collaborate with others. Super excited for the native MacOS app!

Great for async teams and client projects - with communication channels that are better than email!

Saw this as an ad here. I checked out some of the other reviews and a demo on the website, it seems quite an interesting product.

Miles Mitchell
Freelance digital marketing and UX
1 review
Bubbles is simply the best. The AI enhancements are welcome features and can't wait for more in this department. However, I will keep using it because it's fundamentally easier, streamlined, and cheaper than all the alternatives. Great work Bubbles team!

Mary Zyolko


6 reviews
It's very usefull for remote work espesialy great their Chrome extension

Daniel F. Alvarado Jiménez
1 review
Awesome tool, it has simplified my workflow immensely, great work Bubbles!

Joaquín Kunkel
Designer at Bubbles
2 reviews
Bubbles has given me and my team so much precious time back. Who knew we could get more done with fewer meetings. I'm more confident in giving feedback now that I can take my time to be thoughtful about it.


Data & Analytics

25 reviews
Have been using bubbles for months, really helpful work well on me great job