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Live your life like a videogame

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Hey all! Steve Kamb, author of Level Up Your Life here. I'm so freaking excited that my book is finally on shelves today. Think of it as a strategy guide for life, helping you do the things you've always wanted to do but can't seem to get started on. It mixes nerd culture, game mechanics, and behavioral psychology. Oh, and you can make your own character and turn life into a freaking game! I'll be here all day answering questions and replying to comments as they come in!
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@stevekamb i love this guy
@maneesh I love you too Maneesh. Don't ever change :)
Hey Steve, I'm a big fan of your site, and I'll definitely check out the book. One thing that always impressed me about Nerd Fitness was the length and quality of your posts -- they're always really well written, well structured, and researched in a good amount of depth. So I'm curious: what does your writing process look like, both for the blog and for this book?
@andrewglynch hey Andrew! I try to write every morning, even on mornings when I don't want to. I know if I check email as soon as I wake up, my morning is shot. So I block time wasting websites, I close gmail, and I open a google doc, word doc, or wordpress blog post and start typing. I put on a great playlist, grab a cup of coffee (black, like Jack Reacher drinks it), and start typing. More often than not, by the time I get through my first 100 or 200 words I start to get the creative juices flowing and more ideas beget more ideas. I'll often open a second tab where I keep track of additional blog post ideas. From there, it's off to pubmed.com to find studies to back up my research and arguments, then to photopin.com to find lego photos, and then off to Taylor (Team NF Editor!) who hacks my work to pieces and makes me write better :)
Steve's content has been essential - be it his blog posts or the Nerd Fitness Academy - to helping me better my life. I'm sure the book will do the same. Stoked to grab my copy.
@sdquinn Thanks Sean! Appreciate your kind words, good sir :)
Congratulations, Steve! I'm not in your "target market" but I've been watching you for the past 3 years - oh, how much you've grown and how many people you've helped! Not sure if you remember meeting at WDS years ago - but you're awesome and I'm so excited for your book!
@vickylyashenko hey VIcky! Of course I remember meeting you - you couldn't have been nicer at WDS and it was obvious to me why you were a volunteer there. Thanks for the kind words and saying nice things about me :)
Woohoo! Parkour! Parkour! Parkour!
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