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Get to know how to communicate with your market audience

Learning Space is an e-learning platform with guides and courses that will enable you to communicate better with your target customers. You will also find here ready-to-use templates for different forms of emails.
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Hello Product Hunt! Email communication is a topic that we studied deeply during creating HelpDesk. We've recently gathered our knowledge, reviewed it, and agreed to take the next step. Since we've already created a product for more efficient email communication between the business and the customer, we decided that it's essential to give our customers a fresh perspective on building relationships with emails. That's how Learning Space came to life. You can find there courses, guides, and ready-to-use templates that you can apply in your daily work. Our first course on Business Email Writing is already up and running! We've gathered insights on structuring the message, email do's and don'ts, tips on avoiding simple, but common mistakes and many more. New lessons are available every two weeks, so we encourage you to subscribe to our newsletter to keep up to date. Let us know what you think!
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Hi! Rafal here, from Learning Space Team. We wanted to pack Learning Space with juicy videos and written content with one-click copied templates. We promise to fuel it regularly. The courses are also created in cooperation with other companies that join the educational mission. Such collaboration is precious, and we'll develop it in the future! We plan to add certifications and more inspiring content, such as copyable email templates, so join us on our space journey. ;)
great product :)
Great ideas! I agree that building a rapport via email is difficult, but having Learning Space's courses, templates, and other educational materials would help us communicate more efficiently and effectively. Good luck!