Fully automated “Plug N’ Plant” box to grow pot in your home

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Hey guys, Yoni from Leaf here! I'm happy to answer any questions!
The dyson of home-grown home growing. Loved your pitch at TCDisrupt!
What about the odor, @joniofir? Will it be smelling 'funny'?
@kostgx We have a built-in carbon filter that filters out all the odors!
Smart. Home cultivated pot is akin to having an herb garden, no pun intended. Will be really common in the near future.
@joniofir - looks really interesting, but is there any more info on the company/product? Is the deposit refundable? Are you going to be able to ship to all states in the US? Are the nutrients cartridges user-refillable from any source, or is it a closed system? I think there's a growing market (ha!) for this, so it's great to see a product aiming to address the need. Best of luck!
@jeremyemiller Hey Jeremy - there are 16 states we can ship to today. But likely that will increase by the time is ready for shipment. Your deposit is 100% refundable at any time. Nutrients are currently in the works if we will allow user to refill - the whole advantage of the system is that its a precisely controlled environment. If we introduce untested nutrients - users might get unpredictable results. So we are still looking into it.