LeadBot 2.0

Qualify leads on your website without forms or humans

LeadBot is the world's most popular marketing chatbot. And now it's easier than ever to create a chatbot for your website with our brand new visual builder.

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We are thrilled to introduce the world to LeadBot 2.0 – our biggest update ever to the world's most popular chatbot. We took the last 14 months of customer feedback and we rebuilt LeadBot. Now it's easier than ever to make a chatbot for your website. We have a brand new visual editor, new bot skills and new pre-packaged Playbooks to make it easy for you to get started.
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I built a bot for a webinar with my son in my lap this morning. https://soapbox.wistia.com/video...
@davegerhardt thanks for forgiving our bed-head.
The Drift team just made the BIGGEST update to LeadBot since it launched in March 2017. There's a super sleek new visual bot builder, new Skills and the team tells me it only takes minutes to create a chatbot conversation now.
Okay so this is now a textbook comparison for product teams. Drift's approach here genuinely takes me by surprise as it moves more towards "less in your face but more in your context". Context and intent are where the cash moniez will be in any conversation/sales/marketing or knowledge interaction in the not-so-distant future. Incredible to see something with the same form factor as other products (e.g. chat box) pushing in a direction that gives more contextual engagement with the user. Adding intelligence to "conversational marketing" rather than "jam it all into the box".