Control your environment with one easy keyboard shortcut

💻Keyboard-driven commands to manage your surroundings directly from your mac.
Meet the Lazy Command line by hitting ⌥ + ⌘ + K and find all your IoT devices and services in one place.
One shortcut to rule them all.
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I discovered Lazy this Summer in my cowork. @demtzu showed up and he had a pretty nifty way to turn on his fan. This caught my attention and I asked him to show me how he did it, using just his keyboard. He could control all kinds of stuff: vacuum, curtains, coffee machine, lights… I was amazed by what he could do with keyboard shortcuts to save time at home and at the office. I thought it could be very useful for people here, not necessarily for IoT geeks but also devs or just productive hackers. For instance, Lazy allows me to deploy a side project I have through Netlify with one easy shortcut. I think you will find that Lazy adapts very nicely to some of your workflows. Curious to see what others uses people come up with!
Thanks so much @thomgroutars for hunting Lazy! 🙏 Hello World. I am excited to be here and strangely a bit anxious as well! I built Lazy to let anyone control their IoT devices and services from one place, thanks to one easy shortcut. I can literally spend hours on creating an automation that will save me a fraction of a second a day. I concede, it is not the most efficient use of my time but anyone who’s obsessed with productivity tools like me will understand. It’s not so much about saving time that it is about the gratifying pleasure of knowing that everything works as you set out to do. This time I felt that using my smartphone to trigger my devices would often end up with me losing my precious flow... I started thinking that it would be more efficient to use my keyboard. So I solved the problem with the Lazy command line. Of course, It's not complicated on smartphones, for example on iPhone the Shortcut app is perfect to put your webhooks and use your smartphone as a remote control. But when you are coding, writing an email or working on an important topic on your laptop you do not want to go and take your smartphone to turn on the lights for instance. Also, I do not know about you but when I am deep in work, I do not want my smartphone to be close to me because it can easily distract me with useless notifications. I needed a way to activate my connected objects without breaking my flow. If you are interested by the behind scene of Lazy : I tell the full story in this post : You will find the hacks I learned along the way, and how I automated domestic chores. I hope it will give you some inspiration on how to use Lazy and how to be more productive at home. Here is also a few examples on how Lazy people use it : I would love to hear your quick (or extensive) feedback =) Please have a play around with it!
@thomgroutars @ahmedmen @demtzu This app and your story speaks to me. Didn't realize I wanted something like this until I read this post. Thank you for making this and you keep doing you!
Congrats Ahmed, such a well rounded product 💯
@jijosunny Thanks Jijo, but It's me who congrats you! I'll be in SF soon, would be a pleasure to have a coffee with THE coffee guy :)
@thomgroutars @ahmedmen @school_4_ants James, thank you very much for your lovely comment, it means a lot to me!
How is this different than something like Zapier for Alfred?
@pierrickgt I love the comparison Pierrick, thanks for asking! I am a big fan of Alfred, and huge user of Zapier. For now I just focus to create an experience where users can control their home straight from their keyboard without stopping what they're doing. You could do a workflow with Alfred but with more setup time; also your devices will be mixed with files, bookmarks and apps, etc. which can be confusing. The idea of the V2 is to integrate IFTTT and Zapier inside Lazy to avoid creating webhooks. I wanted to have the users’ feedback before building that V2, and do something that matters for them!
@pierrickgt I kind of wish this were just a really polished Alfred extension.
@pierrickgt @chrismessina stay tuned, some cool stuff coming soon : )
Lazy saves me a lot of time. I use it for everything. With Iffttt, Zapier and n8n, the possibilities are endless. I love it, congratulations @demtzu for your work! 👏
@b_tallandier Thanks a lot Benoît. Very flattering comment. Love it! 😍 How things are going with Twake? It's a cool project 👌
Switching lights on and off has never been so fun! It's only one example but Lazy really allows you to control your whole life with a single keyboard shortcut. It's well thought out and easy to install. I strongly recommend you to give it a try! ☺️
@mehdi_b Mehdi! A lovely comment to read bro. Thank you for your continued support 🤗 Can’t wait to manage Lazy through Cycle app!!
Pretty awesome, just had a quick try and it works great. Thanks!
@nicolas_schweitzer Thank you my man! 🤗Gives me good inspiration to keep the quality up! Cheers!