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#5 Product of the WeekJuly 28, 2016
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Brenden Mulligan
Brenden MulliganMaker@mulligan · Founder, LaunchKit & Cluster
After years of posting LaunchKit products to Product Hunt, we announced some exciting news yesterday. In short, LaunchKit has joined Google! As we focus our efforts on building great developer tools at Google, we also want to make everything we’ve built at LaunchKit even more accessible. So, we’ve open sourced all of our services so anyone can set up their own instance of our tools! @TaylorHughes did a phenomenal job making this easy, and we hope the community enjoys the ability to spin up LaunchKit and use the code however they want!
Chris FR
Chris FR@chrisfr
@mulligan @taylorhughes I wish all businesses who get acquired did this. Class act.
Francis Lee
Francis Lee@sicnarftea · UnicornGO! Unlimited Graphic Design
@mulligan @taylorhughes Great news! been using launchkit for the apps I've launched thus far, makes life super easy!
Fiess Edouard
Fiess Edouard@fiessedouard · co-founder @ navily
@mulligan @taylorhughes That is awesome! Congrats guys!
Donghee Choi
Donghee Choi@donghee_choi
@mulligan @taylorhughes Good work! I hope LaunchKit will be more great!
Rodney Rumford
Rodney Rumford@rumford · Co-founder of HipGif & Product Manager
@mulligan @taylorhughes Congrats! As a early paid user of launchkit and current user; I am happy to hear of the success. I am a huge fan and wish your team the best at Google.
Brian Roach
Brian Roach@anodigital · DJ / Producer @itsBREX
Rad! Congrats on joining Google and thanks for open sourcing LaunchKit! 👏
AkhilSinghT@akhilsinght · Engineering+Products+Usability+Wirk
Congrats on taking it the philanthropy way. I don't know, but I would be going through quite an emotional turmoil doing this. There's obviously a much bigger goal now @ LaunchKit, but I can just imagine, atleast if I would ever be in a fortunate situation like yours, to feel a tad bit selfish - but selflessness wins :)
Taylor Hughes
Taylor HughesMaker@taylorhughes
@akhilsinght I'm mostly excited that the code might live on in interesting new ways. :) It was fun cleaning it up a bit to make it easier to use.
Renée Warren
Renée Warren@renee_warren · CEO, Onboardly
Congrats Brenden and team! :)
Or Arbel
Or Arbel@orarbel · Co-founder Anima App | Prev. Yo