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Mute background noise during calls

#5 Product of the MonthJune 2019
Krisp Windows noise cancelling app mutes background noise in real time calls. With one click it removes all sounds for incoming and outgoing calls. Krisp Mac won a Golden Kitty award as Product of the Year. It works with any communication apps and headphones.
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Hey there Product Hunters, Arto, Co-Founder of Krisp here! After we launched our Krisp noise canceling app for Mac, many of you were asking about the launch of Windows version. So, we have been tirelessly working on it for a while now and the time has finally come to launch it here! Krisp for Windows is here and we are super excited to introduce it to you. It has all the same features as Krisp for Mac, which means that it mutes both incoming and outgoing noise allowing you to speak and listen without noise. You can use it with any communications app that you want and wear any of your favorite headphones. Krisp will work with all of them! Krisp does all the audio processing directly on your device which provides maximum privacy. All thanks to you and your endless support, Krisp Mac recently won a Golden Kitty Award as the Audio & Voice Product of the Year. We want you to have the best possible experience with our Krisp app, and can't wait to hear your feedback!
@artavazd_minasyan Could you share your tech stack? I'm always interested in hearing the tech choices for desktop apps (e.g. Electron vs. native), especially since your product likely has some pretty serious processing needs.

After you start using this, you forgot how bad the sound was without it. When I turned Krisp off, it was like surfing websites without Ad Blocker. To check it's capabilities I was making some weird sounds and at first I thought - "haha, I've tricked your algorithm", but after just 5 seconds BOOM! It learned and removed those noises! Just try it!


Very easy to setup and use. Removing so much of that background noise!


Once you go Krisp, you never go back))

@smbatyan let us use this great quote :) Once you go Krisp, you never go back))
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Been using it for some time, since it was in beta. Especially cool if you work inb community places, bars or anywhere out of office. I would reccommend it to everyone who has calls during his workday.


Just wonderfull app in overal. Simple to setup and does the work.


I am a simple guy - if it works, don't change it.

Hey @vforvukovic thx for the feedback.

Krisp is a pioneer in this field. No alternatives to compare with.


Ease of use, intuitive setup


None that I know of.

Yes!! I was waiting for that!