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Handling customer support is a grueling, time-consuming and cost-heavy task. Kommunicate aims to correct it. Kommunicate is a hybrid (human+bot) support software for real-time, proactive and personalized support for growing businesses.

Chat with your website visitors and customers to build long-lasting relationships that drive growth. Integrate your favorite apps, use bots for automating mundane tasks, create FAQs and use them within the chat, leverage rich messaging for within-chat actions with Kommunicate.

  • Pros: 

    Easy to use, and gives flexibility to handle all customer related issues, and

    its Bot feature helped us alot to handle our customer queries.


    For me everything was amazing, but yes they should improve little bit on there UI

    told almost everything

    Gaurav Manchanda has used this product for one month.
  • Chetan R
    Chetan RChethStudios

    A great model. Solves a very important usecase which other tools are not doing a good job at.


    The UI and positioning could be improved.

    Curious to know the roadmap for this. More key differentiators should be added to the product. Will update this review when I actually test it out.

    Chetan R has never used this product.
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Devashish Mamgain
Devashish MamgainMakerHiring@devashish_m · Cofounder @kommunicate.io | @Applozic
Thanks @kwdinc for the hunt Hey everyone, Dev from Kommunicate here. Would love to hear the feedback and happy to answer any questions you have. A little background: Adarsh and I love making awesome products. We founded Applozic, a chat solution, in 2015, keeping customer conversations in mind. A huge rise in demand for chat SDKs and APIs for customer support made us develop a conversations driven customer support solution. Kommunicate’s philosophy is to deliver a hybrid solution, where bots can take care of mundane tasks, letting customer support team concentrate only on what humans can do. Additionally, it comes with a bunch of features to make customer support more efficient. You can integrate your existing bot, create a new one or request one to be made. You can integrate various apps, incorporate smart and rich messaging, route conversations between team members and analyze team and individual performance. As a special offer for Product Hunt community, we’re giving away three months free on any premium plan. Just use the code ‘PRODUCTHUNT’ at the checkout. Adarsh, my team and I will be here all day long to interact with you and answer any questions you have. Feel free to drop your feedback and questions in comments. Cheers, Dev
Ankit Samarthya
Ankit Samarthya@asamarthya · Co-Founder, MailGems
Curious to know how are you different from a number of live chat softwares coming nowadays?
Devashish Mamgain
Devashish MamgainMakerHiring@devashish_m · Cofounder @kommunicate.io | @Applozic
@asamarthya we are bringing “Customer Support, Live Chat and Bots” together in a way which combines machine and human intelligence. Companies are using multiple products together to achieve the same: - Chat based solutions like Intercom, FreshChat, Crisp to provide chat based support. - Email/Ticketing based solutions like Zendesk, Helpscout to streamline and scale support when customers and support volume increases and becomes difficult to handle in chat. - Custom solution built using Chat SDKs (Applozic, Layer, Sendbird) + Bot platforms (DialogFlow, Microsoft Bot Framework, etc.) to reduce the support agent work and automate the repeated queries, FAQ and perform specific functions like hotel booking, flight booking, food ordering, etc using bots. Our focus is on conversations based customer support software solution that scales easily using a Human + Bot hybrid system
Satadeep Biswas
Satadeep Biswas@satadeep · Head of Marketing, Applozic Inc.
@asamarthya traditionally live chat softwares are like messenger systems for to and fro communication between the website visitor and the support guy. Kommunicate goes a step further; the idea is to automate all the mundane tasks with intelligent chatbots so that support guy does only those things that requires human intelligence. Just to give you an example, whenever an user asks a question, the answer to which is already present in your FAQ section Kommunicate's Liz Bot can fetch it from there and produce it straight away without any human intervention. This saves you support agent's time so that he can focus on queries that requires his attention. Hope I could answer your question :)
sudhakarHiring@sudhh · Founder, Appunfold
What else can your bot do apart from the usual greeting? Can it collect lead details when agent is offline?
Adarsh Kumar
Adarsh KumarMaker@adarshcse
@sudhh Bots are integral part of our hybrid (Human + Bot) system, they can help with - Collect leads while agent is offline - Send event specific notifications - Connect to FAQs and answer customer queries Additionally, Kommunicate bots can - Collect lead details while the agent is online and then pass the details to the agent to start chat - Help agent figure out answers from FAQs - Transfer chat to an agent if they unable to answer them - Help in booking, searches and suggestions to cutomers The best part being, Kommunicate can be integrated with all the awesome chatbots builders out there including Dialogflow, Amazon Lex (next release), Microsoft Bot Framework(next release) among others. And this is in addition to our native chatbot builder platform that would be available to all shortly.
Jake Peters
Jake Peters@jakeapeters · CEO & Founder @HelpDocs
Awesome to see @devashish_m and the team on here today—great team working on a cool new product. We're excited to be working with them at HelpDocs to power FAQs.
Parth Shrivastava
Parth Shrivastava@parth_sh · All Things B2B Marketing
Thanks, Jake. Likewise, we've had a great experience working with your team and excited for what comes next in this collaboration.
Devashish Mamgain
Devashish MamgainMakerHiring@devashish_m · Cofounder @kommunicate.io | @Applozic
thanks @jakeapeters FAQs play a crucial role in Kommunicate and it was a great experience working with HelpDocs team to integrate FAQs quickly.
Jake Peters
Jake Peters@jakeapeters · CEO & Founder @HelpDocs
@devashish_m @parth_sh Definitely! Looking forward to building out some more integrations with y'all. 🤗
Alex Zimmermann
Alex Zimmermann@alexezimm · Bizops, MobilizeAmerica
Great team helping make our implementation super easy! Wide-ranging, flexible features, and easy integration with our current interface.
Adarsh Kumar
Adarsh KumarMaker@adarshcse
@alexezimm Thanks Alex for the kind words. Really appreciate it.