Conversation review tool for support teams

#5 Product of the DayJuly 03, 2019
Klaus is a conversation review tool for support teams. Integrates with your help desk, good for improving quality of answers and on-boarding new agents
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Thanks a lot for hunting us @razkarmi! We're here to put an end to bad customer service. Happy to answer any questions :)

CSAT/NPS/CES can feel .. dumb and easily get poluted by issues outside of a support teams influence Klaus let's you set goals for how conversations are conducted and get the whole team involved scoring those goals. We found it improved CSAT as the whole team saw each other's strengths and weaknesses and how our company goals made for better interactions with customers


Companies are different and value different things Klaus gives you a chance to define and measure your own unique quality metric which is 🔥


Very kitty centric - what about a dog mode?

Good job by Kair and the team. Kair is an expierenced product developer who knows his craft. All the best guys!
@so_on Thanks, Ernests! :)

try it


this is a need


not much alternative

Well done on the investment Klaus team! Whats the roadmap if anything for something like this?
@aaronoleary Right now we're working on features that would provide a little more flexibility to those who need it. Different rating scales would be an example of this. More generally we listen to our customers very closely and set much of the roadmap based on that feedback. I'd say roughly 30% of our feature set has been developed based on customer requests.
@aaronoleary Thanks for the question! :)